Lambeth Fireworks 2017


Event organisers Westworth Kemp took on the challenge of bringing the Lambeth Fireworks back to Brockwell Park after a three year hiatus. For 2017 the organisers designed the event around the theme ‘A Night at the Movies’ and the 20 minute firework display featured pyrotechnics set to the backdrop of movie soundtracks. Other entertainment included a funfair and live performances in addition to the delicious food stalls and well stocked bars.

Lambeth fireworks 2017Lambeth-Brockwell-Park


  • Working with the production company, Lambeth Council and TFL to ensure plans were in place for the unpredictable volumes of audience whose behaviour was yet to be determined. Further challenges arose from the gate management, traffic and security with the majority of people (12,000) arriving within 1 hour and a total of 20,000 people onsite for the display at 9pm.
  • In addition it was important to ensure working areas were kept sterile in an open park during the build and derig phases and to ensure the health and safety of all staff, crew and attendees by keeping the firework fall out zone and drop zone clear and safe.


The Fair worked tirelessly with the Westworth Kemp team, Lambeth Council and TFL to ensure that the event was as seamless and successful as it was.

  • Within 1 hour 12,000 people were able to pass through the gates without any queues.
  • A contingency plan for large capacities arriving at the same time enabled effective management of attendees entering and exiting the site, enabling 20,000 people to watch the display at 8pm and helping to prevent bottlenecks and queues from forming.
  • Successful road closure and local bus diversion operation to keep roads clear for a mass egress.


  • A seamless event.
  • Great feedback and reports from the audience who attended the event.
  • Positive feedback from the event organisers Westworth Kemp
  • “Launch events are always the most challenging, and this was especially the case with Lambeth Fireworks given that we had not previously worked in the borough. The Fair’s expertise of having delivered many events within Lambeth was incredibly valuable and in addition to their expertise we enjoyed working alongside the team. We’re now looking forward to working with The Fair on the next Lambeth Fireworks as well as other events we run” Ed Kemp
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