Anjunadeep Open Air 2018


Anjunadeep worked with Columbo Group to take on the second day of the production share with Art’s House Festival. Anjunadeep Open Air would be the brand’s first ever outdoor show in the UK, with an 8k capacity, featuring some of their household names: Moon Boots, Yotto, Luttrell and Dom Donnelly.


Following on from Art’s House festival on the Saturday The Fair organised the changeover and live production on Sunday for Anjunadeep.

This involved taking down and rebuilding the stage to create a bespoke design for Anjunadeep, as well as clearing and cleaning the site to make sure the festival goers had the same site experience as the Saturday attendees.


  • Pre-Production: Procuring high quality suppliers and carrying out a health and safety audit for each.
  • Venue sourcing and licensing: Working with Lee Valley Council to ensure the park’s monuments were protected and impact to residents mitigated.
  • Site design and CAD: The team had to design the site to cater for a 7k capacity as well as 10 food traders, VIP area, three bars and traditional funfair games.
  • Live event: Full production and health and safety management during live days. Working with local businesses such as Tesco, Three Mills Studio and Sugar House Island building site to organise successful ingress, egress routes and PUDO space.
  • Break: Leaving the park as close as possible to how it was before the event. Liaising with the local community over our impact and areas for adaptation in future years.


  • Over 6,000 attendees despite rain on the show day
  • Bespoke designed stage and site, including forest playground area, selection of street food traders and merch stand from Anjunadeep

Photos: Courtesy of Anjunadeep

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