Production at Camp Wildfire 2019


Taking an alternative approach to fun in the fields, Camp Wildfire is an adrenaline fuelled weekend packed full of activities and entertainment to stimulate the adventurous attendees. Set in the heart of Heritage Pine Forest in Sevenoaks, the 5-year strong festival always has a host of surprises up its sleeve. From Quad Biking to Bread Baking or Climbing to Tie Dye in the day to a wild roster of musicians at night, there’s something for every single one of the 1,500 attendees that visited the festival. The Fair were tasked with delivering full production services for the three day event.


  • Designing the new site map – Producing a pre-existing show can be challenging in meeting the expectations and improving from previous mistakes.
  • Risk assessing over 50 unique and equally dangerous activities such as Archery, Cross Bow, Shooting, Trapeze, Quad Biking, Water Slides and a Climbing Wall; All of which caused some concern and needed additional attention.
  • The large amount of activities, performances and workshops taking place simultaneously which meant extra attention was given to scheduling and stage management.


The Fair worked seamlessly alongside Camp Wildfire and St Clere Estate to produce the 3-day event. With the doors opening at midday on Friday, guests were queuing up eagerly to get stuck in. As well as pre-production planning, we managed the on-site build, live and break of the event which involved some alternative methods to keep in style with the event theme.

Based on a 1970’s scouts camp/Wes Anderson style movie, chestnut fencing was used in place of heras, pioneering poles for scaffolding and army tents for traditional PVC marquees. Once the campsite was opened and the guests had pitched up, the patrol games parade began, marking the official start of the weekend’s festivities. From the guest’s initial reaction to the site, it was clear that this year would be a step-up from the past.

  • Full event safety management plans and appendices
  • Site design and mapping
  • Procurement and supplier sourcing
  • Pre-event Health & Safety plus on-site advising
  • Scheduling and staff management
  • Event build, live and break management


  • 1,500 attendees over the weekend
  • 3 day event
  • Over 50 activities

“The organisation of all of the events was spot on, with a smoother sign-up process in motion… The wickedest and wildest festival with rifle shooting, climbing and woodland partying”It’s Rude To Stare

“At Camp Wildfire, adults can travel into another world for a weekend where adventure is natural and abundant. Meditation classes designed to rejuvenate the body in a woodland setting, and the wilderness experience aims to let festivalgoers leave refreshed.”Kent Online

Photos: Courtesy of Camp Wildfire

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