Venue Finding

Venue finding is the first and most crucial stage in the event process. As the competition and demand for festivals and music events grow within the UK, venues in London and the wider country are becoming stretched and unavailable to new, independent shows.

We offer a venue finding service in which our experienced team discuss the parameters of your event and source feasible venues with a full assessment of capacity constraints, accessibility, council requirements, residential practicality and other essential production aspects.We liaise with venues, parks and event spaces, including the relevant local councils to provide the best possible options for your event, taking on this critical first step in event production that most event organisers struggle with.

We have a wide network of contacts in various boroughs, county’s and city’s, which provide us with a large pool of known venues to approach and consider. We have a dedicated venue finding team who are constantly on the lookout for new, unused spaces, meeting a variety of criteria’s to ensure we find you the best venue available for your brief.

Our team has years of valuable experience liaising with venue managers and assessing the feasibility of spaces for large scale events. In addition to venue finding, we are experts in event production, licensing and health & safety, guaranteeing a well informed and effective approach to the venue finding process.

As well as Music festival locations, we have a variety of locations more suited to film displays, sporting events and exhibitions

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