TransferWise provide an alternative to the Banks with their no hidden fees policy.  The company have 5 Global offices and have two annual team days in Estonia.

tw_bubble__dsc7319-BLOG-SIZEjeff Moore 28/10/2014  "THIS PICTURE IS FREE TO USE"  "Money transfer startup TransferWise marches a Halloween parade through the City of London to mark the end of hidden bank charges. For more information, please contact or call 07864 932 720."11/02/2015 Jeff Moore  THIS PICTURE IS FREE TO USE  Disruptive tech startup, TransferWise, leads rally for a ‘deep clean’ of the financial system with 'bubbly' protest outside Bank Station


Our sister agency House of Experience were tasked by TransferWise with helping them to break a Guinness World Record by creating the largest human currency symbol.  Previously held by the Thai National Bank (Thai Baht) and more recently the North East Chamber (GBP) TransferWise wanted to beat the record with the Euro symbol.


  • The Fair created the site plan, involving calculating the number of people required to fill the space.
  • Liaison with the on-site venue production team to ensure the necessary equipment was on site.
  • We sent a production team over to Estonia, loaded with kit to map out the symbol on the ground with a combination of flags and spray line and using MEWPs and drones to assess the image from above.
  • Working closely alongside the adjudicator from Guinness World Records to ensure all of the criteria required to achieve the record was met.
  • We marshalled the participants in to position (ensuring they were counted in to the designated area by independent witnesses) and made sure they remained in place for the time period required.
  • Liaising with on-site photographers and videographers to make sure the right shots and footage were taken for both TransferWise PR purposes and Guinness’s needs to verify the record.


  • New World Record for the Largest Human Currency Symbol!
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