Secret Cinema


Launched in 2007, Secret Cinema stages cinema events around London and the UK. Everything about the secret cinema experience is kept hidden. You arrive at the location provided and the secrets slowly begin to reveal themselves.

Future Cinema involves sharing a cinematic experience by staging large cinema events that incorporate aspects of theatre and to form networks across large online communities.

Secret Cinema and Future Cinema’s founder, Fabien Riggall, described the idea behind Secret Cinema as, creating an immersive experience in which the audience becomes part of the narrative. It’s about creating a social cinema experience where the audience can connect with each other online and at the event.


  • Secret cinema briefed us to carry out several roles during shows including Grease, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Shawshank Redemption, Dirty Dancing and Brazil.
  • Production Management: Responsible for production management of the event including pre-production, live event management and the post production or break down.
  • Event Management: Responsible for Health and Safety for the duration of the events.
  • Ensuring that all aspects of the event adhered to health and safety legislation.
  • Scrutiny of the event, specifically, the safety of all those attending or participating.


  • Working collaboratively with the Secret Cinema team, The Fair’s Delivery of Health & Safety management, an intrinsic element of the event management of the Secret Cinema experience included but was not limited to:
  • Pre production: Sourcing and managing production suppliers and staff, organising the production schedule and set up, managing production budget.
  • Build of event: Managing the installation including: suppliers and crew, production schedule and ensuring all elements were implemented to the highest standard.
  • Live Event: Managing the day to day running of the event with 6 live shows per week.
  • Break: Ensuring the tight schedule was adhered to and the venue was handed back to the owner with no damages and on schedule.
  • On site Safety Officers during dress rehearsals and opening night when the venue was occupied by an audience in order to continue monitoring and amending the venue and operational plan where necessary.
  • Writing and disseminating The Event Manual, Risk Assessments and collating all safety documents for the event.
  • Regular site visits, Risk Assessments, H&S audits and event manual writing.
  • Auditing third party suppliers.
  • Writing and disseminating The Event Manual.


  • Over 300,000 attendees during the past 8 years.
  • Over 105 million YouTube views.
  • A combined reach of over 165 million through press coverage.
  • All shows sold out.
  • Shows experienced and reviewed by press including The Guardian, MTV, CNN, Time Out and The Independent.

Video courtesy of Secret Cinema

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