Rotherham Oktoberfest 2017


Oktoberfest is the extremely popular folk festival celebrated in Munich, Germany. The event takes place at the end of September and beginning of October. Folk descend to the Beerhall Tent to engage in all manner of music, games, entertainment, food, and singing.


We were approached by the Oktoberfest producers to assist them with their initial brief and post viability checks, spec, produce and build the event site. This event took place at Clifton Park Rotherham which has won awards for being one of the top 10 parks in the UK. With this came a lot of pressure from local authorities to ensure the grounds were looked after and that vehicles, especially larger HGV’s were banksed and extremely careful when maneuvering around corners. The main gated entrance to the site is grade II listed. Other challenges included:

  • Very bad autumnal weather
  • Locating crew and local suppliers for the given budget
  • Ensuring safety was not compromised when designing and marking out the site – the park was heavily used by families and children


The Fair worked alongside the client to design the site and implement all pre build ideas and drawings. To ensure the site plan was implemented accurately, we attended several site visits to mark out and re-confirm site limits, distances between areas and total area for the site to reach the desired capacity.

  • Physically marking out the site prior to suppliers arriving on site
  • Site visits with the client to understand their vision
  • Health & Safety during the build and during the live event
  • Liaison with the local authorities, police, ambulance service on the event days
  • Liaison with key infrastructure suppliers on the first two days of the build to ensure the site is marked out as per the site plan
  • Assisting and advising on a safe ingress and egress of the guests, there was a large distance from the event site in the middle of the park to local roads


  • 2500+ attendees per day
  • Site marked out successfully and the desired capacity achieved
  • Great feedback from suppliers, the client, the local authority, artists and guests alike
  • A safe and enjoyable event for all
  • High standard of event production
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