Market Yard Case Study


Market Yard is Reading’s first open air food and drinks market. Taking place in Hills Meadow Carpark the event is continuing every weekend during May and the beginning of June. With its eclectic range of street food vendors, live entertainment, bars and its close proximity to the town centre, Market Yard makes for the perfect post-lockdown event experience. Noticing an absence of outdoor event space in Reading, the promoters ‘Event Leisure Ltd’, wanted to create a space to bring members of the community together, where they could enjoy weekly live entertainment and great food and drinks. The Fair provided event production and health and safety services.


This was the first Market Yard event in the location, which bought about some challenges. Firstly, the preproduction was in a 2 week timescale from concept to delivery. Completing the build in a 1 day time frame in a challenging location and incorporating containers into stretch tents, meant scheduling for the build had to be meticulous. Additionally, the build took place with COVID restrictions still in place, so it was pivotal that all staff on site were accredited for correctly in line with COVID regulations including signing in/ out, Social distancing and COVID questionnaires.


  • CAD Site Design and Mapping
  • Pre Planning and Support
  • Onsite Build Production Management and Health and Safety
  • Procurement and Supplier Sourcing and Management
  • ESMP
  • COVID Specific Risk Assessments
  • Creative Décor Coordination


  • Successful event build
  • Client impressed with the onsite team and organisation
  • Positive reviews from customers
  • Delivered a very good product with further opportunity to extend into summer
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