Lambeth Fireworks 2018


In 2017 event organisers Westworth Kemp took on the challenge of bringing the fireworks display back to Brockwell Park, after a three year hiatus. The Lambeth fireworks proved a great success and the team looked to expand and improve on the fireworks for 2018.

The Fair worked with Westworth Kemp for the 2017 edition of the Lambeth fireworks covering H&S and gate management. For 2018 the team took on more roles including production management and event control.


For the 2018 Lambeth Fireworks, Westworth Kemp wanted to put on two ticketed displays: one family focused show for 15mins at 6:30pm and one adult focused show for 20mins at 8pm. This was challenging as the schedule meant there was one large audience leaving as another large audience was arriving. The team undertook ingress and egress studies in advance to design a site layout and gate system to accommodate this.


  • Production Management
  • Site Management
  • Gate Management
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Supplier sourcing and management
  • Supplier audit
  • Event Safety Management Plan
  • Risk Assessments
  • Event Control
  • Oversaw implementation of road closures


  • Two amazing displays
  • Very positive feedback from visitors

Photo: Courtesy of Time Out

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