Help Harry Help Others


Deliver the inaugural Charity ball for Help Harry Help Others in memory of Harry Moseley

Ensure the smooth delivery of all aspects of the event

Raise the profile of HHHO charity and celebrate its fantastic achievements

Deliver a memorable programme that positions the poignancy of the event and the charity

Create a legacy which builds upon the success of the event and continues to highlight the campaign that Harry Moseley started in order to make a difference in the lives of those living with cancer


Managed event logistics; creation of a detailed route that displayed some of country’s proudest landmarks.

Plotted check points for walkers at Brindley Place, SIFA Fireside Shelter, Edgbaston Cricket Ground and Martineau Gardens, with bands, PA systems, entertainment and refreshments at each one.

Arranged for health and safety teams; both security and paramedics to accompany the walkers at all times.

Liaised with local authority and city centre partnerships.


The event raised more that £20,000.

Over 100 walkers participated in the event.

The first walkers crossed the finish line at 4:15am, and the last ones finished at 5:20am.

112 directional signs were placed around the streets and collected up as the walk progressed through the night.

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