Health & Safety: Bloomberg Arcade Winter Market


Bloomberg Arcade hosted it’s first Winter Market in November last year. The market showcased a collection of stalls, from ethically sourced jewellery from Seekd to London-artisan honey from Bermondsey Street Bees, supporting local craft and artisan producers who promote a positive and sustainable ethos.

The Fair delivered advance and on-site Health & Safety support for the event.


  • Building in a short time frame during night time hours meant that the team had to make sure the crew had correct PPE, in this case, enough layers of clothing to keep them warm and access to hot drinks and welfare facilities.
  • Building on a live walk way was another challenge. It was a Thursday evening in the city so there were a lot of people who had been out at bars using the thoroughfare. The team put a stop-go system in place and had to create new sterile walk ways for the public depending on where the building was taking place. The team had a phased build in progress, so they built in zones to allow them to always have one sterile area at a time.
  • The team had to install festoon on scaff poles as they could not use the existing infrastructure as it was protected. This resulted in having to appropriately ballast as the event took place on hard standing ground.


  • Onsite Safety Officer for the build and de-rig days of the market
  • Supplier sourcing, management and auditing
  • ESMP
  • Risk Assessment


  • Positive feedback from the client
  • Successful build and de-rig days

Photography credit: Bloomberg Arcade Instagram

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