Gottwood’s 10th Anniversary


Gottwood festival celebrated its 10th birthday this year, delivering the ultimate boutique experience of underground electronic music in the idyllic forest setting of the Carreglwyd Estate.

The anniversary line up played host to Antal, Hunee, a rare jungle set from Enzo Siragusa and Craig Richards to name a few.

The show has grown considerably from its founding days and the organisers brought in The Fair as specialists in 2016 to help with Health & Safety

Challenge & Solutions

  • The Gottwood team wanted to deliver a ‘wow’ experience for their 10th birthday celebration – having done the event for the past 5 years, we worked closely with suppliers and contractors on site to ensure this years production was the best yet. At the end of the festival, a surprise firework display illuminated the sky putting the cherry on top of a fantastic weekend. The firework display meant that the team had to identify launch and fallout zones of the fireworks and liaise with the local authority, farmers and livestock owners to ensure no inconvenience would be caused to them.
  • 24 hours of solid rain on to the site which sits within the hills by the sea at Anglesey – we worked together with contractors and suppliers to adapt infrastructure and fixtures to keep the venue safe under the conditions. This included shoveling gravel in the early hours to bail out the holes of water that had appeared on one of the emergency vehicle routes and fill them in with gravel to ensure it was safe.


  • 8 days on site
  • Health & safety management and consulting
  • Event liaison team chairing
  • Safety Advisory Group attendance
  • Event Safety Management Plan & other safety documentation delivered
  • Premises Licence application and the licence was granted
  • Event Liaison Team Chair & management


  • 7,500 thousand happy festival goers
  • Positive Local Authority Feedback
  • No major medical incidents

“Hats off to everyone involved for another storming year on the Carreglwyd Estate and an anniversary edition to remember. Here’s to the next 10!” – Ransom Note


”Gottwood celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2019. That’s a milestone many great festivals fail to reach. In many ways, its longevity feels related to its humble approach. As highlighted in this year’s festival booklet, the Welsh event started as “a party for our closest friends”. We never once thought it would evolve into what it is now.” – Resident Advisor


“…people from within the tent peering outside, to be surprised by an unexpected firework display coming from The Lawn….It was heaving, as people gathered to enjoy this immersive visual spectacle. This was such an amazing way to end the festival… and what a high this was.” – Data Transmission 


Photos: Courtesy of Gottwood

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