FRONT LEFT: Bicep’s ‘Atlas’ Review

FRONT LEFT is our Production Coordinator Will Mason‘s new weekly music blog.

Throughout this series, I will take you on a journey throughout the nuances of dance culture with a focus on new releases, current trends and existential angst. With the current climate hugely gravitating to the latter, I feel it would only be fitting to begin with reviewing Bicep’s new track ‘Atlas’, a track born out of dance floor anxiety.

So let’s begin….At the beginning of this track, Bicep cleverly introduce the notorious ethereal synth line we have been drip fed throughout the past month via various social media platforms, in and amongst choral vocals and a hefty breakbeat drum pattern. From the off, Bicep’s intentions are clear and the purpose of the track speak volumes. This isn’t for the faint hearted, it is designed purely for those 4am warehouse moments where you seem to contemplate life itself. Am I happy in myself? Do I need to exercise more? Do I need to find a hobby? Am I REALLY in love with the girl I’ve just been snogging for the last half an hour? You know….really important questions. As the track progresses, we hear more and more space given to that unbelievably infectious synth line with it slowly creeping in and grasping our ear drums only to fade into the background once more. Half way through, we finally see it clench on to the space it deserves and the dance floor anxiety peaks. Now this time, we find ourselves no longer able to dance away those warehouse frets in the comfort of the beat we have grown to love, but confront our demons in this sinister but sweet, melancholic moment. Bicep’s fantastic use of space is nothing we are unfamiliar with, however in this track, they have again generated a contagious hook that is more than worthy to stand solo.


In a recent interview with Resident Advisor Bicep said ‘…it would’ve been unthinkable to foresee the circumstances this track would be realised in when we were making it, our frame of mind was so positive then, fresh off the back of our live tour, full of excitement for the next phase”. The argument stands, that due to the timing of the release, it is truly devastating to suppress this track to the 4 walls we all find ourselves in and not that of a huge warehouse in Northern Ireland. However, I find the track extremely nostalgic and seems to make my one walk a day slightly more epic in these hard and boring times.

Written by Will Mason

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