Parookaville Festival Review


In July 2019 I had the pleasure of attending Europe’s largest growing music festival. This year’s 5th edition of Parookaville has catapulted the event into the international top league of music festivals, with 210,000 attendees celebrating peacefully for three days in their “City of Dreams”. The festival live stream reached more than 7.5 million people around the world. See the 2018 aftermovie here – the 2019 aftermovie will be released in September!

For the fifth year in a row Parookaville was Germany’s most liberating, peaceful and altogether happiest spot. 210,000 attendees from more than 40 different countries streamed onto the festival site at Weeze Airport for three celebratory days in the incomparable festival city with superstars including Armin van Buuren, DJ Snake, Sven Väth, The Chainsmokers, and Robin Schulz. I think it’s safe to say this festival should be on the bucket lists of any festival junkies at par with and possibly superseding Tomorrowland.

The roughly 200-meter wide Mainstage was designed as an airship shuttle station with breathtaking 3D stage construction and state-of-the-art lighting design. Headliners Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: “We were here for the very first Parookaville and that was already mega. But what you can see now on the Mainstage is absolutely insane, simply fantastic!”

Parookaville’s citizens rewarded the loving attention to detail everywhere throughout the festival site by behaving magnificently with nothing but lunacy, love and pure joy.

Special treats included:

  • 25m Swimming Pool
  • 18 Fair Rides including bungee jumping
  • The option to sky dive into the festival
  • Tattoo Parlour
  • Foam Room
  • Wedding Chapel

My Parookaville festival experience as a punter was unreal, but these particular thoughts came to mind as an observer who works in the industry:

  1. The bars installed a ‘return your aluminium can for a half a drink token’ system, a rewards system which essentially allowed environmentally savvy punters drink for free whilst creating the most litter free festival site I’ve ever witnessed.
  2. I don’t know if it’s Germany’s love of beer as an alternative, but I was pleasantly shocked at how few drugs were being consumed at Parookaville, most punters appeared to be in a beery haze when compared to some other festivals of this size I’ve attended.
  3. The entrance/ exit to the swimming pool was a 5m tall by 10m wide shower wall punters had to run through to gain access to the pool, a fun and unique way forward in festival pool hygiene.
  4. My friends and I didn’t queue up for a single drink or bathroom across the 3 days, an impressive feat in a crowd of 210,000.
  5. Across all 3 days I was surprised by the most pain free egress I’ve ever witnessed. Each night we left the festival at the end of the headline act on the main stage and were on a shuttle bus back to our hotel within 15 minutes.

Top tips

  1. Get there early each day, there is such a lot to see on this site. Visit the registration office when you first arrive to collect your Parookaville passport, use the map on the inside to work your way around the site, collecting stamps at each of the features. You can also get tokens here at the registration office.
  2. Take advantage of the return your can for a token system!
  3. Dress up! The city of dreams is all about self-expression. Plus you’ll likely get a feature on the after movie.
  4. Germany gets hot! Consider booking a hotel nearby if you’d like to have a shower each day rather than camping.
  5. The easiest way to get to the city is an Uber, but the easiest way to leave is but Shuttle. I don’t recommend trying to get a shuttle into the festival around 3/4pm when the rest of Dusseldorf are having the exact same idea.
  6. Download the official Parookaville app on your phone, everything you could need to know including event update notifications can be found here.
  7. Visit the post office to send postcards to loved ones straight from the city.

It really was the peaceful atmosphere and attention to detail that made Parookaville one of my favourite experiences of 2019. Despite its size, every square metre of the site was designed in theme and with functionality. Highly recommend this festival to anyone who wants the size and energy of Tomorrowland without the crime and antisocial crowd.

Photos: Courtesy of Parookaville

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