National Police Chiefs Council Presentation

This Wednesday 1st of May 2019 our CEO Nick Morgan made a presentation on licensing in the festival industry at the 2019 National Police Chiefs Conference. Since the release of our White Paper with Access All Areas and the NTIA, the important discussion on the need for an update to the licensing process has been elevated. You can find the full copy of our white paper here. 

Nick spoke about the current climate of the ‘informal event industry’:

  • The Informal events industry is worth 5.7 billion
  • 33,000 SMEs
  • Over 1000 UK Festivals
  • 147,200 TENs granted in the year ending 31 March 2018 (6% up on 2016/7, much of which reflected applications related to events)
  • The Night Time Economy is the 5th largest industry in the UK and employs 1.6 billion people
  • Festivals contribute enormously to the local economy
  • Festivals support green spaces across the country

Nick also spoke about our event planning approach and difficulties in the licensing process, including challenges such as:

  •  The licensing now being a minimum of 90 days, this process used to be achievable in 25 days
  • Council commercial teams we speak to are cooperative and positive about events due to the promise of revenue, however applications get denied up the hierarchy from councillors.
  • Councils rarely promoting the commercial revenue received.
  •  Little understanding of the infrastructure and talent costs associated with festivals.
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