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The Political Economy of Informal events, 2030 is a crucial piece of research that we hope to use as a vehicle to significantly change the perception of our industry, both in Government and in the Public Realm.

The Whitepaper demonstrates the financial & cultural importance of the ‘Informal’ (Festivals, Music Shows, Fairs & Fete’s, Outdoor Concerts) Events Industry. As a Festival and Event Production agency, we can see the contribution these ‘informal events’ make to both the financial and cultural capital of the UK, they are however, otherwise disregarded by Government analysis, funding and support in favour of ‘MICE’ events (Conferences & Exhibitions).

The document debunks the scare-mongering around elements such as criminality at festivals. It looks at the experiences of our industry stakeholders, be they promoters, production managers or venues. It also and to our mind, most importantly opens up debate on the restrictions, pitfalls and contradictions around the licensing process. It explores the significant contribution, not just monetarily but in terms of experience, creativity and inspiration Informal events make to the events industry at large.

Download our White Paper here.

Our CEO Nick Morgan, speaking on the White Paper at the 2019 Event Production Show.

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