The Future of our Events


This week we’re trending #EventsMatter to promote a White Paper we’ve been involved in producing with Mash Media and NTIA: The political economy of informal events, 2030.

This is a really important piece that talks around the value of the informal event industry, the fact that it doesn’t fit within current regulatory systems and that it’s misrepresented in media often.

The White Paper is being launched at the Event Production Show on Tuesday 26th Feb. You can get yourself a free copy of the White Paper and be part of the first debate by joining us at the Event Production Show and showing your support for our industry.

What is an Informal Event?

‘Informal’ is defined as something not being in accord with prescribed regulations or forms. As we all know the events industry has seen exponential growth in recent years and whilst events such as conferences and exhibitions are represented well at government level, events such as outdoor attractions, festivals, musical performances, cultural and sporting events are not represented at all. These are what we would consider ‘informal events’. In fact, the industry frequently finds itself negatively represented in media, particularly given the increasingly huge contribution it makes to the economy each year (£5.7 billion). The White Paper has conducted deep analysis of statistics, financials and case studies to provide hard data and future predictions about this industry that we all know and love.

Follow our socials @WeAreTheFair on Instagram and Twitter as we seed out more information from our White Paper this week and join us at the Event Production Show to get yourselves a free copy.

Informal events generate £5.7bn to the national economy per year #EventsMatter

“Great events provide a valuable increase in local footfall and local business. They also can establish places as branded destinations in the popular mind.“ #EventsMatter

Festivals foster crime. Fact or fiction? #EventsMatter

What are you doing to support your local events and festivals? #EventsMatter

Here are some suggestions of how you can…

  • Write to your local councillors about the value of events
  • Treat the local area around the events you attend with respect
  • Positively represent event and festival licence applications
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