GL Events focus on Sustainability for their ‘Good Events Guide’

GL Events have released their new ‘Good Events Guide’ which this time focuses on the importance of sustainability. The guide offers support to event organisers including case studies and tips for a greener and more sustainable approach when it comes to producing events.

Our very own Nick Morgan has contributed to the guide, he discusses how consumers’ expectations of sustainability are changing for the better and how we as an industry have the responsibility to meet these needs. He explains how the most valuable component to being an event organiser is having a voice to express the notion of sustainability and to inspire our audience to act upon this.

Claire O’Neill from A Greener Festival talks about how, in the last decade, events have sky rocketed with ‘seen to be green’ actions, and how organisers are now implementing sustainability into their overall event production.

Check out the full guide here to see how you can take the steps toward greener and more sustainable events!


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Photos courtesy of GL Events

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