Fest-Out 2018

Fest-Out, short for ‘Festival and Outdoor Events Show’ is a two day trade show based at Sandown Racecourse. Post summer, an array of event production suppliers attend the event each year to demonstrate their latest products and services. Alongside the traders, the event plays host to a programme of industry experts to talk individually or on a panel. Some of the discussions revolved around security, lack of resource, H&S, environmental sustainability and visions into the future of live events.

On both days, our very own CEO Nick Morgan and Head of Production, Yasmin Galletti, joined the panels to discuss some key issues facing the industry today.

On day one, WATF CEO Nick Morgan discussed ‘how independent festivals are fighting back’ with the directors of two current front runners in the independent festival world. Alongside Nick was Craig Mathie from Bournemouth 7’s and Jonny Edwards from GALA festival. Collectively they addressed the issues with large American owned conglomerates and how their individual shows are providing an experience that caters for the desired markets of today’s clientele.

On day two, WATF’s Yasmin Galletti discussed ‘unification in licensing agreements’ between boroughs for live events, with a panel of speakers including: Rob Star (of Eastern Electrics), Jon Drape (of Ground Control Events) & Luke Elford (of TLT Solicitors). The overall perspective from the panel was that the current licensing process was not fit for live events – specifically festivals – and in order for it to do so… something needs to change.

“There needs to be a cohesive strategy between event organisers, local and responsible authorities – an open and structured dialogue would be a good start to creating change for the better”

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