Creating environmentally friendly and safe event spaces

As festival season is fast approaching we wanted to bring the AIF Drastic on Plastic and Festival Safe campaigns to your attention. Firstly let’s talk about plastic. As festival organisers, suppliers and attendees our convenience on-site is critical and this has fuelled a dependency upon single-use plastic products. But while these products feel convenient and disposable in the short-term the majority of plastics are rarely recycled in a closed loop and their lifespans are extensive.

The AIF Campaign pledges to eliminate single-use plastics at events within 3 years by 2021, and to promote reuse solutions wherever practically possible. The pledge recognises the impacts that our use of single-use plastic is causing to the environment on a global scale, and the leadership role that festivals and event industry can play in inspiring and driving forward solutions-focused change.

With 60 British Festivals already signed up to it is worth considering the measures you can take to reduce single-use plastics at your events including asking bar operators not to provide plastic straws and encouraging your audience to bring their own bottle.

For further information on single-use plastics and measures that can limit the plastic footprint of your events check out our latest blog post ‘Let’s talk about plastic’ and read the Raw Foundation and Kambe Events ‘Making Waves Plastic Free Festival Guide

Additionally it is important that we educate and inform our audiences to ensure that we are all able to enjoy a successful and safe summer of events. The Festival Safe campaign has lots of useful information for first time festival goers and veterans alike. Check out the Festival Safe site for tips on what to expect, happy camping, avoiding crime, looking after children, promoting wellbeing and harm reduction from alcohol and drugs. For the first time our audiences have a central platform to access information on every aspect of a festival.

Bring on the summer!

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