Event Industry News Podcast

Brand event trends and how consumers tastes influence the event industry

The current trends in brand events were discussed during an episode of the Event Industry News podcast. 

Nick Joined host James Dickson for an Event Industry News podcast and spoke about the growing trend among brands to establish their own events.

As more brands seek to engage with their audiences via dedicated live events,  trends form in relation to event  production.  Nick offers the podcast insight into working with brands and their agencies, ensuring feasibility and that events are fully compliant and some of the creative ways The Fair has helps meet event briefs.

You can listen to the podcast here

Discussion points cover:

Brand partnership and sponsorship is changing

ROI is difficult to quantify

Brands want to own their own events

It’s more accepted that brands can commercialise events

Many more channels with direct access to audience

Seeding content

Hybrid Events

Social endorsement

Trends within smaller independent festivals

Early adopter brands

Brands want content added to the show to maximse on engagement

Externally promoted shows within the public realm

Creating brand experiences

Increasing dwell time

Building brand loyalty

Brand heritage

Brand association with lifestyle

Content driven by the consumer gains better advocacy

Understanding KPIs – what does success look like?

Marry creative with production

Creativity in site sourcing

Licensing processes

Support of Boroughs

Authority to authority, there is huge disparity

Negativity around events with large volumes of people

Licensing is difficult and a much longer process

Mitigating risk

Unifying the licensing process

It is easier to be creative now?

Hammerson & world class events

Art installations that are world firsts

Gives a reason to go to market and drive footfall

Audiences want immersive experiences

The events industry is buoyant

Audiences want unique experiences

Consumers tastes are becoming more widely sophisticated

Brand experiences build long relationships with brand advocates