Event Health and Safety, The Fair in StandOut


Nick spoke to Caroline from StandOut Magazine for this month’s Event Health & Safety Feature.

Here’s an insight into The Fair’s work in Event Health and Safety:

Junction 2 contracted you to manage auditing, licensing and event health and safety – how did you win the contract and when did the organiser contact you? We started working with LWE about a year earlier when we started looking for venues and were then asked to support with their licensing and H&S.


In what ways did you help the organiser to manage their H&S? We worked on: Venue Sourcing, feasibility, Licensing, SAG, Stakeholder Liaison, EMP authoring, Noise Management, Risk Assessments, CDM Consultancy and live Event Health and Safety Management during the build, live and break.


Junction 2 takes place on an island site – what implications did that have on H&S? As this was a unique event for the venue with a 10.000 audience, we had to find to solution to egress routes and add to what was in place at Boston Manor Park.


You built three bridges using floating pontoons to allow efficient egress from the festival site – how did you manage that aspect of the event? I think you originally said that they were “additional” bridges, so were egress plans/routes deemed insufficient? This was an island site with a festival audience in conjunction with the LWE team, we looked at fire routes and how best to effectively egress that number of people.


You have worked on many festival sites, managing H&S. How did Junction 2 compare to other festivals? Was it difficult? Technically challenging? Did you have to think about things differently? Did you learn anything?

We haven’t worked on many shows underneath major transport links and as this was an unusual site under the M4 and a very urban environment there was an enormous amount of stakeholder involvement;  from Highways England to Connect Plus, Carillion, TFL and British Waterways to name a few. Connect Plus, who protect and maintain the motorway network, were very concerned about safeguarding the infrastructure so we put measures in to protect the existing foundations around pylon supports ensuring they were kept as sterile areas.


What could other organisers reading this take from your experience of this? As we work in Event Production a well as Event Health and Safety, we know how much goes in to the entirety of running events –  we’re able to see the show as a whole from a whole event perspective and take a load off our client’s shoulders allowing them to focus on the elements of the show they are leading on.


Any other events you have worked on this summer that stood out in terms of Health & Safety? Gottwood stands out as it was the first year we worked on this show. It is a critically acclaimed, independent, boutique electronic music festival that has grown quite considerably from its small scale routes and the organisers brought in The Fair as specialists to help with the H&S for the advance & running of the show. There was an element of culture change having outside H&S onboard. The remote site is complex as it  has restricted access but this makes it all the more stunning once the show goes live. We put a lot of emphasis on management of crowd migration as the site’s 7 arenas all have relatively small capacities and limited routes to move between them. The attention to detail the Gottwood family put in is exceptional, they are the boutique festival – there was a great atmosphere, the site is beautiful and the audience truly appreciate all the work that goes in to the show.